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Here are some advantages that will save you time and money by accelerating your daily tasks

Easy & Simple to Use

We have worked very hard in making all functions and menus easy to access, fun to use, and intuitively placed - simplifying your day-to-day, saving you precious time and money.

Create files with ease of children's and parents' information
Children's complete medical file (allergies, medical conditions, etc.)
Create unlimited number of groups and files
Easy notification of birthdays
Visual management of groups (drag-and-drop)

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One-click Billing

Create invoices and print them out for your clients. You can also go green by sending them to your clients via email or SMS. Keep a history of charged amounts and process late arrivals.

Billing cycles: monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or any date interval.
Payment register and receipts management
Invoicing based on actual attendance or predetermined days
Manage custom fee per file/child
Generate RL24 and Federal slips

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Electronic agenda

A feature-rich and detailed electronic agenda which enables you to easily communicate a child's daily progress to the parent.

Attendance check
Appetite, mood, paticipation, nap, interactions, outdoor play, stools
List of activities done during the day
Access to crucial parent contact information
Analysis of a child's development based on the four spheres of development (physical, intellectual, language, social)

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Preauthorized withdrawals

Integrated preauthorized withdrawal service at very low rates. Once you have generated the invoices for services rendered, a single click enables you to schedule the withdrawal dates (based on the agreement with the parent).

No files to generate and submit to your financial institution
No restrictions on the number of times you can schedule withdrawals
Direct deposit into your bank account within 1 to 4 business days
Detailed reports on amounts received and automatic registration of those amounts into the system

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Document Creation & Printing

Generate necessary documents such as attendance sheets, payment calendars, contacts list, and more in seconds with the push of a button. We even provide you with a free sign-up form approved by the Ministère de la Famille. Print envelopes, laser cheques, and more.

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Revenue & Expense Analysis

Enter all of your revenues and expenses on a daily basis for easy bookkeeping. Analyse and manage using an in-depth view of categorized expenses; upload and save your invoices, and much more.

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Import Data from

Import files directly from your account using the Passerelle 0-5 service. This feature enables you to create the file of a newly registered child in a single click.

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Transfer of data to Ministère de la Famille

Transfer of parent-child files, service agreements, attendance, and closures of your daycare with a couple of simple clicks.

Importez vos dossiers parents-enfants et les ententes de service du service de CSG du Ministère de la Famille

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Use our integrated messaging module to communicate with your clients via EMAIL or SMS - no need for HTML or coding knowledge!

Send messages (email or SMS) to all parents, to groups, or to individuals
Create unique HTML emails or copy-paste from an existing template from any word editing softwares
Send invoices and documents to parents via email through the software
Send AND receive SMS messages (to/from mobile phones) directly through the software

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Geographic Analysis

Gain a competitive advantage in your neighbourhood by consulting a geographic easy-to-understand analysis of your current clients in-order to target a specific sector for your next marketing campaign.

Map with dots indicating the location of your daycare and of your clients
Dots that indicate competing private daycares, subsidized daycares, and CPE

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Accessible to Parents

An online portal enables parents to access their child's daycare-related information. Below are some other information available to parents:

Daycare's calendar of upcoming events
History of all communications (SMS messages and emails sent through the application)
Billing history and account standing
History of all generated slips (R24 and federal slips)
Shared documents from the daycare and their payment calendar
Access to their child's electronic agenda

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Electronic Registration Forms

Send electronic registration forms via email to parents. The form can be filled out online and is very easy to complete. Once finished, the parent can click a button to download a printable version of the form and can then send the file to the daycare for approval.

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Rich and Interactive Calendar

Calendar of events which lists all newly admitted children as well as children who are leaving the daycare, along with all other planned events. You can even make events visible to parents!

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Registration Forms Provided for Free!

A registration form that is complete, professional and approved by the Ministère de Famille is included with your account.

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Where Are Our Servers?

Our servers are hosted here, in Montreal, Quebec.

A speedy connection insures an optimal performance of the software
All confidential and private data will never leave the country.

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Mobile Version

You’re not at the office and you don’t have access to a computer? You can use our light mobile version of your account – whether it is to access crucial information from a client’s file or a quick verification on the payment registers, you can view the information on-the-go, on your smartphone.

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Here are some other features and fonctions available to you:

  • Generate R24 slips at the end of the year and submit them to Revenu Québec automatically
  • Calculators: work days between two dates, transition date (from infant to child), advance payments
  • Managing the work hours of your employees
  • Open a new file for a child in less than 60 seconds
  • Up-to-date links to Ministère de la Famille and Revenu Québec ressources

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